Hire Self Moving Vans - How To Choose The Right Van For You?

Before you hire self moving vans, first decide on the nature of your move. Most self movers are fairly familiar with what it takes to achieve a successful house move. The steps involve are quite straight forward.

However if you're not familiar with rental vans, don't worry too much. It will all be clearly demonstrated here by the time you finish reading this page.

Now, the use of self drive vans will surely add immense knowledge to your DIY moving experience. If done right, you'll wonder why you haven't tried it sooner.


Most rental vans can be easily collected from a location near you. You can choose to hire your van rental from different companies based on their brand names, location, price range, mark and model of vehicles, for example ford transit, mercedes benz sprinter, chevrolet or just van size.

Between 10-20 foot long vans for 2-5 bedrooms move. Most of this information is readily available on the company's websites.

Types of self moving vans,

For me, any kind of vehicle can be use for moving and relocating. But the removal industry uses special designed vans and trucks capable of carrying most heavy household items.

You can decide for yourself whether a small van, medium panel van, large cargo vans, long wheel base & LDV or luton van will suit your specific needs. Although the small and medium panel size vans have less cargo space, but their better agility and manoeuvrability in many narrow city streets makes them a good choice for me.

The large cargo vans and long wheel base & LDV often have plenty of space. This helps with large moves plus they're easier to load than a truck. Luton vans have a high rear. Choose the ones which are fitted with ramp and lift systems. They provide easy access and save you lifting heavy items to put into the van.


Remember to also check with your local man and a van company service. Sometimes you're better off hiring them for few hours than renting self moving van for a day.

Before you can rent self moving vans

  • You have to hold a full driver's licence for at least one year
  • Be 21 years or over, some require 25 years depending on vehicle type.
  • Provide details of permanent address
  • Can pay by credit or debit card if required

Think of hiring self drive vans as a way of taking charge to control and cut down your expenses. Try to do most of the work yourself, even if not all of it. You could save a lot doing the packing, loading, driving, unloading by yourself or with couple of friends.


The companies that provide self moving vans are very reliable. They'll usually have a break down and emergency help line in case your encounter any difficulties with your rental vans.

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