Rental Vans, How To Choose
The Right Van For The Job?

One way to effectively reduce the cost is to use rental van and drive it yourself.

This gives you the opportunity to save on other expenditure and at the same time remain in control.

Some removal firms tend to be under pressure to complete jobs on tight timescales. They work fast and in doing so put you under pressure to do the same. Using rental vans enables you to work at your own pace and take some of the stress out of the moving process.

Renting self moving vans is easy but you still need to plan ahead to avoid any problems.

We all know the cost of moving can become quite expensive, so you might want to consider using rental vans while moving home or when transferring some goods from one property to another. 

How to rent the right van size?

It is always important to choose the correct vehicle type. This will not only enable you to do the required job in the best of manners, but it will also reduce unnecessary expenditure brought about by hiring the wrong type of vehicle.

Hire a van too big and you'll be left with extra idle space which you still have to pay for. Or perhaps, risk having to make several journeys because the vehicle may be too small.

The sizes of rental vans are measured in cubic meters. But knowing the length and width of the rear compartment is a more meaningful guide for you.

You should also aim to find out the maximum load capacity it can carry (referred to as its payload).

Here Are 6 Types of Rental Moving Vans To Choose From.

Firstly, let us look at the types of vans that are available. You are likely to find a range of up to six different van types available for hire.

These are-

  • Small Combo Vans such as a Ford Transit or Vauxhall Combo which are suitable for most small item removals.

  • Short Wheel Base such as the Ford Transit Connect or Vauxhall Vivaro are easy to drive and capable of carrying more awkward loads such as chairs, cupboards and loads that are too heavy for the smaller vans.

  • Medium Wheel Base- such as the Ford Transit MWB, Renault Traffic and the Volkswagen Transporter MWB, are slightly wider than the previous types.

  • The Long Wheel Base- The traditional large van with a carrying capacity of up to 1500 Kg.

  • The extra Long Wheel capable of carrying longer loads such as rolls of carpet. Not as easily moved as the smaller vehicles.

  • And finally, the Luton Box Van is another additional type of rental van, these are the ones that are perhaps most ideal for full house moves.

    It has a larger capacity but its manoeuvrability could caused problems for inexperience drivers. 

    However it does have a handy sleeping compartment in case you’re in need of a rest!

    An important observation when considering to hire a van is to ensure that your driving licence is up to date.

    Most vans can be driven on a standard UK driving licence.

    Although you could in effect drive a rented van as young as 17 years, but most hire companies restrict driving to those over 25 and under the age of 70.

    It is worth checking with the rental company before finally deciding.

    You will also find it very difficult to locate an automatic vehicle so if this is a necessity, again check with the rental van Company.

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