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Your Moving Costs Estimates.

Moving costs estimates is one of the hardest things to get right during the relocating process. Nearly a third of movers including the companies, will estimate moving costs wrongly.

This is mostly due to people not realising how many items they've got to move or the moving estimates was done by an inexperience representative from the removal company. Either way, the customer always ends up paying over the odds. This will obviously not go down well with many people.

That is why managing your own moving costs estimates will substantially reduce some of the non-essential moving expenses you may have otherwise incurred. However, I must admit that the costs savings is usually only achievable on small and localised moves. But by learning how to estimate moving costs, you can avoid the costly mistakes many people do when budgeting in future.

The basic costs estimates:

Your preliminary assessment would have guided you to decide on the type of service you required. If you choose to hire the full service of a removal company, expect a higher bill because of their professional packers handling your stuff. Get a free quote from if you live in England or within the United Kingdom.

You'll save time and may be, have a successful moving experience but be sure to check out whether your household contents will be cover by their insurance policy.

You may want to do it yourself, but weigh your options first. The worst thing that could happen is not giving enough thought to the task that lay ahead with DIY moves. Find good deals on truck rentals from...

  • Sixt rent a
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car

    You must value your time in the estimates. And also consider your health, the distance, hire a suitable van, your own insurance policy and then ask yourself, have I got enough helping hands for packing? Don't forget the costs for loading and unloading at your new home.

    All of these need to be well organized as they have various price tags. You can easily refer to the estimates as you go along.

    You should also include lodging in your moving costs estimates. For a family, an overnight stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast plus food is not an avoidable moving expense especially for long distant relocation.

    Your estimates should also include the following costs. Will you keep your belongings in a temporarily storage facility? Did you budget for boxes and supplies? How about your utilities? Remember to notify your provider in advance to disconnect the service in time and pay off your outstanding bills.

    If you are renting, budget to have the property clean before you leave or risk losing the deposit to the managing agency.

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