Moving Boxes And Supplies

Having a good stock of moving boxes and supplies will go a long way to alleviate stress often associated with moving and relocating. (At least one less thing to worry about ;-0).

It's not usually difficult to find good moving boxes for sale on deals and special offers to bulk purchasers.

You can easily cut out the middleman and buy packing supplies directly from the manufacturers or retailers when you're doing your own move.

The company you've chosen to move your things could also provide the amount of materials and supplies you required at a discount, when you used their packing service as well.

Moving supplies and boxes comes in various shapes and sizes. To help you decide on the materials you need, I've listed few common moving boxes and supplies that will be useful if considered:

  • Medium size moving boxes -18x14x12 These are great for books, collectables, kitchenware and most of your household items.
  • Large removal boxes -20x20x15 Ideal for clothes, bedroom items, bulky but not overly heavy items.
  • Extra large boxes -23x23x16 Ideal for storing larger household items eg. blankets, clothes, lamps, pillows and any large but lighter items for easy carriage.
  • Wardrobe moving boxes -24x24x40 Portable closets for hanging clothes and suits during your move to avoid crease. It could also be reuse for storing out of season clothes as well.

Other essential supplies you may also find useful during a house move.

In order to estimate how many of these boxes and supplies are needed, you've to decide on what you no longer need, then get rid of it since you are paying for the space you packed. You can save money by not taking the stuff you no longer wanted to your new home.

Moving supplies boxes are mostly created from recycled materials which are environmentally friendly. They are sturdy with double walled layers and can be reuse many times over. Some removal companies even offer their customers free collection service when they no longer need the cardboard after their move.

Many people simply exchange or request free moving boxes from their neighbours, local shops or internet forums. These are ways of putting recycled moving boxes into good use and at the same time managing our landfills.

so, save your moving boxes and supplies for the next time you relocate my friend. "what was that?..." "Good heavens not me again..."

...oh yes, you will surely move again. That is the way life is lived in cities.

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