Moving Box Label Stickers!

Placing a moving box label on your boxes is one among many endless ways you can keep track of your belongings when moving and relocating. Start by using a labelling system that will work for you.

If you've anything more than five boxes of content to move, then you should consider the use of moving box label. The label provides some kind of tracking and helps you identify the content of each box that has these labels on them.

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This will certainly not only make your task of unpacking these boxes easier, but will also enable you to let the movers know exactly which rooms to Put them in.

Being organized is a key component that not only a seasoned mover adheres to like fish takes to water, but it's also for the rest of us to adapt as well.

Don't see moving box labels as only luxury accessories to use when relocating. It makes the unpacking process a lot easier at your new home.

I recalled with "horror" when I had to go without tunes for a month because of faulty labelling. A friend broke my stereo because I didn't label the box as 'Fragile'. He dropped it because the box was so heavy. He didn't know there was something breakable in it. Imagine just a simple label could have made all the difference.

And besides,these label and stickers are very inexpensive to buy from many local stationery shops.

  • Have various sizes of labels - for different items.
  • If possible, stick the labels on all sides of the box including the top.
  • Colour code labels for easy sorting if possible.
  • Use different colour labels for each room - Bedroom, Living, Dining and, Kitchen etc.
  • When someone else has done the packing for you, asked them to sign their name and date the boxes.

Also, write generic descriptions on labels for the content in the boxes. Example; Fragile, Living Room, Breakables or Kitchen. Never be specific especially when you put valuable items in them. This method will not tempt thieves and could help prevent your items being stolen or go missing during transit.

Otherwise, use the free sample template provided by smooth house moving ideas for your moving label.

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