Should You Use
Full Service Movers?

Full service movers are renowned for their efficiency and professionalism when delivering a job for their clients.

For that reason, the cost doesn't come cheap for most customers. But let's recap what full service movers can offer you.

They are well trained professionals who are on top of their game.

  • They are specialist in packing techniques for office or household furniture.
  • They use the right tools and equipments needed to move awkward or otherwise hard to manoeuvre furniture and house content.
  • They are experts in loading and unloading moving boxes.
  • They know how to maximise the moving space available in the van.
  • They provide you with upfront cost estimates, no hidden charges.
  • They work effectively to suite your dateline.
  • When it comes to moving house there are literally hundreds of decisions to be made, which is why the whole buying and selling process takes a long time.

    One of the big decisions you need to make as your completion day approaches, is whether or not you’re going to use full service movers.

    If you haven’t moved house very often you might not be familiar with the different services offered by removals companies, but the services and prices vary a great deal and you should always be aware of exactly what you’re getting for the price quoted by the removal company.

    There are plenty of affordable moving companies; it’s down to you to decide which one offers the services you require for your particular house move.

    Full service movers

    As the services increase, the price goes up accordingly and full service movers will be the most expensive. However, for people moving a house full of furniture, a dedicated removal team is often the best solution.

    Affordable moving companies will often provide these services but a good company will be professional, efficient and well practiced at moving awkward or heavy furniture.

    Hiring a van

    This is the most basic service and all it involves is you hiring a van from a lease company and doing the move yourself. If you’re confident that you can lift and carry all your boxes and furniture, pack the van and drive it to your new house, then this is definitely the cheapest option.

    It’s popular with people living in house shares or who are moving from or to a studio or small furnished flat, as they probably don’t have a lot of awkward furniture to transport.

    Man and a van removal service

    This option is also ideal for a small house move, where you have furniture to move and can’t manage to carry it without help.

    The driver of the van is also the removal expert and there might be an extra person to help (at extra cost to you, naturally), if there is a lot of furniture, or if there’s a lot of stairs involved in the move.

    Packing boxes

    Full service movers should have a good level of insurance in place so that your belongings are protected, should anything get broken during the removal process.

    Many companies also offer a packing service, whereby they will come a day or two before the move and pack everything for you. This removes the hassle of doing it yourself over a number of weeks.

    You know that everything has been professionally wrapped and packed appropriately in sturdy boxes with foam to protect it. You will sometimes need to pay a deposit for the use of the boxes, which will be refunded when you unpack and return them.

    It’s always worth checking how much these extra services will cost, as they can be less than you imagine. If you consider that a removals company would rather move boxes that they have packed and staked themselves, it is in their interests to keep packing costs low.

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