Top Tips To Estimate Moving Expenses

It can be tough to accurately estimate moving expenses. However, here are some top tips to help you.

Follow these steps to make sure you don’t have any nasty shocks when unexpected bills arrive a month after moving into your new house.

Create moving costs lists

You can never have enough lists but the most important one is going to be your costs. Set up a new list on which you can estimate moving expenses and write down everything that you’re going to have to pay for during the move.

If you are moving between rental properties, paying deposit to the estate agent will be one of your bigger expenses.

But when buying a house, the big items will be stamp duty, solicitor fees, search fees (often included in your solicitor price), survey and removal company. Remember to include this expenses to your house moving cost as well.

However, don’t forget about all the little extras, which soon add up: these can include money transfer fees, post redirection, parking permits, extra survey work, estimates for work to be done and any essential work to the new property.

Get quotes to compare

Always get a number of quotes for the different services you’ll require during the house buying and moving process.

This will help you to plan and organize the moving estimate in order to achieve low cost moving.

You can then work out who is providing the best value for money (remember this doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest quote) and then you can estimate moving expenses more accurately.

Switch Utility supplier

Many people do switch to cheaper suppliers when they move home. But remember to include this cost in your estimate moving expenses list.

The final bills from your old suppliers could cost more than you anticipated, so put some money aside for this.

If in doubt, round up the figures

For anything that you can’t get a true estimate, always round up the figure, rather than rounding it down. That way, if the price does end up increasing for whatever reason, you’ll be prepared for it – and so will your bank balance.

Moving costs can spiral for a number of reasons and you should always be prepared for that.

Do you remember to budget for fuel cost on the van you rent? Perhaps you forgot to mention your grand piano to the removal company. Or maybe your buyer has requested a roof or drain survey before they will go ahead with the sale.

Don’t shop on credit

Everyone wants to buy new furniture, blinds, accessories etc when they move into a new house. But it’s wise to hold back on the credit card for now.

You might think that you can’t live without that gorgeous three-seated leather sofa because it would fit perfectly in the new living room. But if you can’t afford it, think twice.

There are always more costs involved than you think in moving house and it’s better to wait until you’ve paid all your moving bills before you start spending more money. Endeavour to estimate moving expenses wisely.

It could be very tempting to splash out on your new property. You know, when you have that urged to put your stamp on it, make it your own. But remember it’s far easier to spend money on credit cards than it is to repay it.

Don't give in to your desires by spending on plastic, budget for it.

So it makes financial sense to settle in for a few months in order to gauge exactly what your outgoings are and how much money is left for spending at the end of each month.

Pay in advance for moving expenses

You can often pay for goods and services in one upfront fee and get a huge discount for doing so.

This could save a lot of money in the long-term but always make sure you’re happy with the company or provider before you hand over your cash.

Once you’ve paid, it can be very difficult to negotiate a refund or switch company. so, be sure that there are more benefits in it for you than if you don't.

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