Make Your Do It Yourself
Moving A Success!

Do it yourself moving is an upcoming trend made popular by many people living in large cities such as London and its surrounding towns. They are mostly young professionals who live in shared accommodations or newlywed couples moving into their first property together. Either way, coordination is key when planning to move yourself.

Know your strengths and weakness before embarking on any DIY move.

Do it yourself moving is not for the faint heart. Be prepared to assess you own strength and weakness, the value of your time and your financial circumstance, and be realistic about it. If necessary, consider hiring a removal company to do the job for you.

You may need to hire self moving vans at some point. Budget for it and be prepared to double your efforts in order to have a successful move.

You should be able to manage your time and available resources in a better way when possible.

Poor coordination will certainly lead to chaotic and stressful out come.

Plan every detail to the tee.
Example of things to consider for your DIY moving:

  • What is the size (big or small) of your move?
  • How much of your time would it take to finish the job?
  • Who is involved? Remember, do it yourself doesn't mean do it alone.
  • What is the distance to your new house - is over night stoppage applicable? If so, have you budgeted for the hotel expenses?
  • Who will drive the van or truck and do they hold a valid driver's license for the type of vehicle hired?

If necessary, weight the benefits against
the drawbacks of moving yourself
before you decide.

You might want a do it yourself move for a variety of personal reasons, but your overriding goal must be to save time and money. If neither of these can't be achieve then it's not worth the effort you'll put into it.

Now that we've got the ground work sorted,
let's move on to the real stuff.

By this stage, you should have already hired a cargo van or truck. If not, check with our partners for self service moving truck rentals near you. Many of them offer very competitive prices. Wow, what a variety of choice for you the customer?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Things you must consider before hiring a vehicle for your upcoming do it yourself moving.

  • Be prepared to pay some kind of deposit if you're renting a van.
  • Make sure you read, understand before agreeing on the terms of hire and stick to it.
  • Hire a one way moving truck rentals to save you the trouble of returning it if you're relocating to a different town or city.

Still wondering if DIY move is for you? This should help...


  • You'll have full control of the truck.
  • You do the job in your own pace.
  • You can achieved low cost moving.
  • Your belonging will be safe - no lost or stolen.
  • It will be a nice experience or adventure you can learn a lot from.


  • It takes lot of preparation and planning.
  • Hard work.
  • It can cost you higher if you breached the terms of hire.

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