Wondering Where To Find 
Cheap Moving Boxes?

These days most people scout for cheap moving boxes as an alternative and cut down cost on moving house.

Searching for cheaper moving boxes is certainly not uncommon among home movers, especially if it helps to bring down your moving cost.

The cost of moving house doesn't come cheap. In fact it has being steadily creeping up over the last few years.

This leaves many home movers with crippling amount of debt to deal with once the move is completed. For most people though, this can't be sustainable.

Without realising it, most people spent vast amount of their budget on moving boxes and supplies. Although there are cheaper alternatives, not every home mover is privilege to know where to find cheap moving boxes.

In order to decide on the type of boxes you will use or where to get them from. You need to have a fairly rough idea regarding the number of boxes you will use during the packing process.

The easiest way to achieve this is to do de-cluttering first, and then take an inventory of what you would like to move. This method will enable you to calculate how many moving boxes are required to finish the job and in what sizes these boxes should be in.

You can now see how having a plan could help you to not only shop around for affordable boxes, but also find cheap moving boxes as well.

By the time you hit the road or your web browser in search of cardboard boxes, you will be fully equipped and known exactly what you want.

This new information will help you shift the buying power in your favour and enable you to negotiate a much better deal with wholesale moving box suppliers.

Looking for ways to get
cheap moving boxes?

Here are few simple ideas to consider when moving and relocating. These ideas will help you in the process of finding cheap moving boxes that will suit your needs.

Buy From Amazon

Amazon offers very competitive prices. You can buy most of your moving boxes and supplies form them and have it delivered to your door steps. Amazon is known to be a very reputable merchant. There fore you are guarantee protection and security when you make your purchase from them.

Look for discount sale

Buy your boxes during trade discount season. Suppliers will offften offer moving boxes discount on their old stocks. You can take full advantage and buy from the discount packing supplies on offer during these periods.

Buying in bulk

It is easier to negotiate a discount when buying in bulk from a supplier. You can certainly get cheap moving boxes of various sizes and dimension when you purchase your boxes in bulk. You will also qualify for free next day delivery if you buy before the cut-off time (this may vary, please check with your supplier).

Recycle moving boxes

Recycle or used moving boxes are much cheaper the brand new ones. They usually go for a fraction of the cost you are expected to pay for new boxes. If you are on a tight budget and want cheap moving boxes then, it will be only natural to consider buying used or recycle boxes.

The only down side is that they have been used by someone else before. That in itself shouldn't deter you from buying recycled moving boxes. Because the suppliers have to make sure that these cardboard boxes are in good usable condition before selling it off to other users.

Classified Ads

Most classified advertisements, both online and offline can be a good source to find cheap moving boxes. These ads are often run by people who are eager to get rid of their cardboard boxes.

You can also get most of these cheap boxes at; gumtree, eBay, freecycle, craigslist and many other private online forums.

Your Local Stores

Sometimes it is possible to find cheap moving boxes at your local store. I will call that the icing on the cake. What you waiting for? Grab them before somebody else does.

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes local shops offer better prices on their moving boxes than online stores. Be aware of this when planning your move.

Storage companies

Almost all storage companies stock and sell their own brand moving boxes. They usually offer very competitive prices compare to most moving companies.

This is largely due to the fact that the storage companies have a higher turnover of boxes than the removal companies. Hence they can afford to pass on the saving to their customers.

From moving companies

There are some moving companies that provide free moving boxes to their customers. However, you might find that they charge slightly higher prices than the average removal company. This is because they have to cover their cost for the boxes somehow.

Be wise in your selection process and don't be fool by these kinds of sweetening offers, unless of course, it's genuine.

You will also find moving companies who will sell you their boxes with the promise to buy it back from you after completing your move. Of course at a much cheaper price then you've paid for.

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