House Moving Ideas You Can
Tailor To Suit Your Needs.

Overwhelmed by the thought of your impending move? Unsure where to even start with all the boxes that need packing?

You are not alone. A recent survey conducted by credit card insurer CPP has found that moving house is as stressful as travelling through an airport.

And a further survey by government agency DETR has revealed something even more shocking: moving home can be even more stressful than filing a divorce.

Thankfully, help is close at hand.

Smooth House Moving Ideas is a consumer website designed to make moving house as efficient and as carefree as possible. We aim to make your next move so easy in fact, we think you'll have a little fun in the process too!

Within each of our sections you will learn how to save money on your relocation. You will discover which removal companies to avoid, and which ones to hire, as well as other money-saving tips that – though seemingly trivial – will save you a bundle once it finally comes to the big move.

In these cash-strapped times where everyone is feeling the pinch, we will also show you how to save money by enlisting friends and families rather than professionals. Yes, it's a bit cheeky, but a helping hand can always be repaid in kind, and in the meantime you can reap the benefits of a virtually cash-free relocation!

Within our site, you will also find all the necessary tips to ensure everything goes smoothly once you arrive at your new home.

We will show you how to organise and label your boxes so that, when the time comes to unpack, you will know where everything is.

So that your next move is as stress-free as possible, we have organised this site into helpful key areas. These include:

•    Moving and relocating companies
•    Removal boxes and supplies
•    Van hires or self drive companies
•    Packing and storage companies

So, are the bags packed? Wardrobes emptied? All the mail redirected and personal items boxed and ready to go? Done everything necessary for moving house?

Hmm... maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.

It’s probably time to head over to the second most important section of our site first – How Prepared Are You For This Move?

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